Monday, 7 February 2011

Pictures of all the goodies

I spent the whole of last week running round, placing orders and consulting with clients. i finally found a quiet moment today so i'm putting up pictures of the different things you can have in your package as promised.

1st up are the watches and wallets. The watches and wallets are by Fossil. We have swatch watches in our packages too. I also added a picture of the boxes the watches come in because i think they are really cool!

These are samples of the Couture cupcakes we have. You can order either a box of 6 or 12.

All the perfumes below are my favorites because of the combination of the unique architecture of the bottles and the fantastic scents within.


Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Student Friendly Packages.

Hey guys, I've been having problems uploading pictures onto the blog, I promise to put pictures up before the week ends. So I've been having complaints from some of my younger clientele about the packages being a bit too expensive for them to afford. The thought of some cute 16 year old guy/girl not getting a Valentine gift because of this just breaks my heart.:D So I decided to come up with some Student friendly packages that I hope will satisfy you guys. These gifts are going to be packaged in the cutest and most delicious of ways, just thinking about all those cute pink ribbons and little red boxes is getting me excited. Ok so what was I saying? Yes! So I have exciting options for you, you all won't believe how affordable it all is.

Cupids Student Friendly Packages! :).

Combo 1
Box Of Chocolates
Box of 6 Couture Cupcakes
Bath Pampering Set
Fresh Roses

Combo 2
Box Of Chocolates
Box of 6 Couture Cupcakes
Bottle Of wine
Bath Pampering Set.

Combo 3
Designer Perfume

Combo 1
Box Of Chocolates
Box Of 6 Couture CupCakes
Designer Perfume.
Bottle Of Wine

Combo 2
Box Of Chocolates
Box Of 6 Couture Cupcakes
T.M Shirt/ Dress From Mango

Combo 3
3 Boxes Of Chocolates
Box Of 6 Couture Cupcakes
Bottle Of Wine
Fresh Roses

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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Cupids Valentine Packages

I'm finally done compiling the gift lists and i've seperated the packages according to gender. i hope you have as much fun going through the lists it as i did preparing them!

-Combo 1
Designer Perfume
T.m Shirt
Bottle Of Wine
Box of Cupcakes
Box of Chocolates- Price = 29,000

-Combo 2
His Favorite CD
Designer Perfume
Classy Pen Set
Box of Chocolates
Box of Cupcakes- Price = 28,000

-Combo 3
Designer Perfume
Box of Cupcakes
Box of Chocolates
Bottle of Wine- Price = 32,000

-Combo 4
Ralph Lauren
Designer perfume
Box of Cupcakes
Box of Chocolates
bottle of Wine- Price = 30,000

-Combo 5
Designer Perfume
Box of cupcakes
Box of Chocolates
Bottle of Wine- Price- 45,000

Packages for WOMEN

#25,000 packages

Combo 1:- Chocolate, Fresh roses, Wine, Cake, and a Designer watch.

Combo 2:- Chocolate, Fresh roses, Wine, Cake, T.m shirt and a Designer perfume

Combo3 :- Chocolate, Fresh roses, Wine, Cake , Spa Voucher and a T.m shirt

Combo 4:- Chocolate, Fresh roses, Wine, Cake , Spa Voucher, Designer Perfume

Combo 5:- Chocolate, Fresh roses, Wine, Cake , Lingerie and Designer Perfume.

#32000 packages:-

32k Combo1 :- Chocolate, Fresh roses, Wine, Cake, swatch watch, Designer perfume.

32k Combo2 :- Chocolate, Fresh roses, Wine, Cake, swatch watch, bath pampering set n 6months fashion magazine subscription

32k Combo3 :- Chocolate, Fresh roses, Wine, Cake, swatch watch and a spa voucher.
Perfume brands include ( Vera Wang, Brittany Spears, Nina Ricci, Bulgari, Valentino, Gucci, Kenzo, Marc Jocobs)

The package items from different combos can be mixed and matched to suit your needs.

Choosing of specific brands may attract a price increase in your package.

Watch brands are (Swatch, Dkny and Fossil) depending on your package type.
Packages with Ipod, Blackberries or Ipads are compiled on Request and the general prices are below:

Packages with Ipods begin @ #60000,
Packages with Blackberries Torch begin @ #11500,
Packages with Ipads begin @ 150000k.

Pls call #08033791809 for more information.
Have a Nice Day!




Saturday, 15 January 2011

Get bitten by the Love Bug

Hey Guys! we'r so sorry we've been away for so long, life in this city has been so hectic and then with the whirlwind of christmas orders....phew!

It's Valentine season again, and LOVE is in the Air! Can you all feel it yet? I know it can't be easy combining a healthy relationship with a busy career. What with the frustrating boss, lackadaisical staff, crazy Lagos traffic and then you get home to realise that NEPA has struck and you forgot to buy fuel for you generator!!!
I'm sure most of you are so not feeling the valentine spirit, that's why as Cupid's little helper it's up to me to ensure you all get bitten by the love bug! This year our packages are tailored to suit any and every personality type to ensure the person in your life knows their love and support is appreciated.(more about that in my next post)

Anyway to get all you scrooges in the mood i've compiled a playlist of some of my favorite sexy love songs. Please feel free to post your own favorite love songs here.

My Love Bug Playlist.
Weak- SWV
Lay You down- Usher
Two is better than One- Boys Like Girls
Falling for you- Colbie Callait
Bad Habit- Maxwell
Strong thing-BankyW
Love save the empty- Erin McCarley
Into you- Fabolous ft Tamia
Tonight- Daughtry
True Love- Tuface
Without you- Airis
Make a Move - Twista ft Chris Brown
Neighbours Know my name- Trey Songz
Need somebody- Kings of leon
T-shirt- Destiny's Child
I love you- Psquare
One Night- The Corrs
Wow- Brandy
So High- John Legend
What's my name- rihanna (yea, yea i know but i just love this song!)

P.S you know i was just thinking, burning a Cd with your favorite 'love' songs for your crush makes a really cute gift. Yea i know it's a cheesy and retro gift but it's really cute and retro is totally in right now! Share/Bookmark

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Giving without Gifts

This one post a month virus has got to stop .....hopefully It would...So many written ideas but TIME TO TYPE....Other duties start calling..

So how have You been? At Cupidlsgift It has been a slow enjoyable mid year....Personal anniversary orders and birthday orders...all exciting and not stressful.

Back to the Topic of this post....GIVING WITHOUT GIFTS...

This is a unique type of offer that lasts in both the minds of the giver and the recipient..Several times in your life, You might have been confused on what to give a person...Confusion which stems from being broke or ignorance of what that person would appreciate.

These are a few ways of GIVING WITHOUT GIFTS

1. Arranging a day indoors with this person...basically going through the person's day with him..Helping with Chores,Discussing ,Laughing

2.Clear your Schedule and take a drive around town with her..Stopping at Favorite spots,window shopping....You would enjoy this

3.You could take him/her to a novel reading taking place within that period....If the person is into books

4.You Could arrange an inhouse picnic with the recipients favorite junk/drinks and have a good time gisting/watching series :)

5.Arrange a visit with the person to an orphanage/hospital and take some items to them and try to have fun there,hearing their stories and seeing the smile on their faces when they see You.

6.Go out to a Beach with edible stuff and have a perfect bonding/meditation/discussion time and finally FUN with the waves.

More Tips Later....Have Fun and Live Life with Love Always...
You could suggest ways to Give without GIFTS too

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